Tenga Lovers Egg

The Tenga Lovers Egg is a fabulously designed masturbator that is cleverly designed to help men recreate and enjoy their solo moments as well as enhance playtime between partners, the hard-boiled outer shell has beautiful patterns of heart symbols set in a shiny black surface, while the inner sleeve equally boasts an array of textures designed in the shape of hearts, and cast on a stretchy, soft and supple elastomer material. The amazingly textured inner sleeve packs a huge punch in the intensity and stimulation department, the extremely intense and tactile ridges and bumps on the sleeves surface will get you roaring, and ready to pop in no time. it also comes in the standard petite size which Tenga eggs are known for, this makes discretion easy and convenient, note that the small size does not in any way get in the way of the size, with a brilliantly developed super-stretchy sleeve, this egg will easily expand both in width and in length to accommodate different dick sizes, one size perfectly fits all. http://yoursite.com has the advantage of being very economical, though it’s designed to be a disposable masturbator, yet; you can still get multiple rounds of sweetness and relief out of it provided you handle the egg with care. Be sure to use plenty of lube, and do not over-stretch the sleeve or ejaculate inside the egg, an extra-thin condom is also recommended, you should also pinch the tip before placing it on the penis as you would a condom to prevent damage. After use, rinse the egg thoroughly inside and out with warm water and a mild antibacterial toy cleaner. Remember to air dry properly before storage. Note that the Tenga lovers egg is not just a solo pleasure object, it’s a playtime enhancement tool for couples who wish to raise the bar of their sex life, and it’s very soft and as real as the real thing. The Tenga Lovers Egg is made from body-safe material and has been tested and proven to be hypoallergenic, this hearty stimulation will capture you and your lover’s heart with its unrivaled sweetness.