Realme 5 Review – Realme Sells High-Performance Smartphones With Amazing Software

The new Realme 5 by Oppo is the latest from China’s top-of-the-line smartphone maker – Oppo. It is the next step in Oppo’s ongoing quest to conquer the global smartphone market. The company has already released its successful smartphones such as the Beauty and the Fuzzy. And just before the Chinese day, the company is also releasing its mid-budget models like the Realme 4 and Realme 5. The new generation of smartphones from Oppo is all about style and functionality. If you’re thinking of getting one, you might want to consider these four reasons.

Battery Life: For people who are more meticulous with their mobile phone use, the battery life of their phones should be one of their top concerns. realme 5 With the Realme 5, you are sure to get an experience that’s not bad even when you use it for two or three days straight. The Realme 5 boasts an impressive battery life, lasting up to ten hours of screen-on time. This is one great feature you shouldn’t miss out on.

Looks and Design: The attractive design of the realme 5 is the icing on the cake. The smartphone looks sleek and trendy with a flat metallic body that’s embossed with textured silver metallic patterns and a faux-metal back plate. The smartphone also has a standard 1.3 megapixel camera and a built-in data-port. Its compact size of only five inches makes it very easy to slip into your pocket.

Features: Just like its mini-drop version, the realme 5 pro comes with a fingerprint scanner for added security and convenience. The front camera is also another plus point, since the camera has a higher clarity than its predecessors. It has a bright auto focus and optical image stabilization so taking clear pictures is quite effortless. It can snap photos in good light too, which could be important if you’re photographing kids at a park.

Accessories: Like all smartphones manufactured by Nokia, the Realme line comes with a host of accessories. You can purchase a Bluetooth headset to connect with your computer and transfer photos to your smartphone. There’s also a stylish carrying case to carry your phone while you’re on the go. If you’ve got a bigger appetite, you can purchase the Pro subscription, which gives you unlimited access to Nokia’s navigation service, including Google Maps.

These are the two best features found in this year’s offering from Nokia. It can charge your battery life very well, unlike many other smartphones that drain your battery life very quickly due to their over-use. A built-in flash and a high-contrast sensor take this phone to the next level when it comes to image processing.