How to Get Free Targeted and Sincere Reviews For Your Book

Finding free targeted and genuine reviews for the guide needs study, commitment and follow through.

I am going to fairly share with you the problems I created and the items I did right about finding guide reviews.

First the mistakes:

I waited until the guide was published rather than sending out the manuscript or the initial page galleys from my print-on-demand publisher.

I used pay-for-review companies whose reviewers were not focused on the subject of my novel — for them this is a work for hire.

I sent copies of the guide to guide bloggers who responded to my mail which they indeed wanted to review the guide but who never examined the book. I later realized that I wasn’t anyone to them so my guide clearly got buried in the avalanche of books they receive.

Today what I did right:

I investigated on Amazon Reviews who had written great opinions about similar-themed books. I reached them through the Amazon friend feature and provided my book for review. (Note — there is number payment given for these reviews.) I acquired a few replies, including some who told me they were also active along side some who really needed to examine the guide and did.

When I emailed these Amazon writers to take into account researching the book, I offered them the link to my site with the first four sections designed for free. I suggested they read those chapters to see if the guide might attract them. Obviously, if they didn’t like the first four sections, they probably wouldn’t need to read the whole book.

I needed an electronic guide tour through virtual book visit manager Pump Up Your Guide Promotion, and a few book bloggers decided to examine the book. (Again, no payment.) I said sure to giving a second free guide for a contest associated with the review (or interview). And the winner of the contest frequently had her/his own guide blog.

I began using social media tools — specially Facebook and Facebook — to make “friends” online. Now when these individuals said yes to researching my book I was no further a no body to them. We had a relationship.

More valuable reviews from persons who were enthusiastic about my guide:

The evaluations I obtained by nearing persons thinking about my book’s fiction variety were a lot more important compared to evaluations I got using, for instance, pay-for-review companies where in actuality the reviewer may not really like my type of book.

And, sure, carrying it out to locate and contact writers who like your kind of book takes time and effort. It can be much easier to use pay-for-review solutions actually thought these reviews might not be as targeted and sincere.

Should you use pay-for-review companies, question if the reviewer is likely to be an individual who likes the variety in which you have written. You might also question to see types of the evaluations the proposed reviewer has prepared on publications of this genre. In this manner you could have an improved chance of having a writer who’ll recognize your book.

And if today you’re still publishing your book or it’s still in the book process, that is a wonderful time for you to start creating associations on Twitter and Facebook. The main element to both these social networking programs is always to easily reveal information that can help others. Should you this totally, in exchange your online “buddies” may truly help you.


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