Guidelines to Submit Art to an Art Gallery and How to Prepare

So, now that you have built up a collection of artworks, you may perhaps be dreaming about getting showcased in an art gallery. This could appear a tiny daunting mainly because artists are normally humble people and generally lack the advertising abilities or confidence to strategy a gallery director to represent themselves as a really serious artist.

I am an artist who has shown in galleries but I’m a uncommon breed because I have also worked in art sales and I’ve been an art gallery director. I decided to create this editorial to give perspectives from each the artist and the gallery with a view to present useful advice and information and facts to help artists successfully method a gallery with their work.


1st although, let’s feel about this situation from the point of view of the gallery director.

The roles of the director are broad but basically they are to showcase artists that fit into the gallery’s ‘theme’ and to market and sell their function though creating relationships with clients and to generate sales.

A potential buyer can walk by means of the gallery’s doors at any time without having notice. Therefore it is imperative that the director and sales employees are constantly accessible to give their consideration to those possible clients. This is why it is a very negative thought to just walk in with armfuls of artworks without an appointment for the reason that firstly it would be extremely disrespectful and unless it is a quite quiet day, you will not get the time and attention that you seek.

Ahead of YOU Strategy AN ART GALLERY ASK Oneself THIS:

Does my artistic style and subject matter fit within the style and direction of the gallery?

For instance: If the gallery you are contemplating is showcasing only European figurative subjects by published artists and you paint nearby landscapes, your style and subject matter may possibly not be quick to match in with the ‘style and direction’ of the gallery. But never be afraid to talk to the director simply because he/she will almost certainly know of a gallery or outlet that will be greater suited to showcase and hopefully sell your personal style.

Just before we get to meeting with the Gallery director we should really initial:

GET Prepared:

Write A Individual Biography And Print It On One Side Of Some High Quality Paper: Outline your history and anything relevant to your growth as an artist. Talk about why you paint. Try to describe your style. Refer to artists or other items that could have inspired or influenced you. Mention if you happen to be self-taught or formally educated. Consist of your ideal photo at the top. Mention any art contests or awards you may have won. Make your bio straightforward to read, special and sincere simply because your bio is intended to make a ‘personal connection’ with the reader.

make a experienced business enterprise card. Contain a graphic of your art, your name, speak to numbers, internet web-site address and any social media link.

Print Excellent Postcard Size Color Samples Of Your Finest Art.

Develop A Net Website Or Hyperlink To An Online Portfolio.

Right here Are Two Good Methods To Present Your Operate To An Art Gallery:

1. Show your actual painted canvases or printed portfolio.

two. Offer your enterprise card and marketing supplies with a link to your internet web-site.

1st Alternative: If you strategy to show your actual canvases or printed portfolio, I advocate that you 1st get in touch with the gallery to introduce oneself and set up an appointment. You will benefit as substantially as the gallery due to the fact they will allot a hassle-free time to commit with you. Be your self, be honest and generally leave a top quality print or prints of your greatest work, your bio and enterprise card so that you may be contacted. I do not propose asking for a critique unless you take pleasure in and can manage criticism. (Personally, I refused to give critiques)

SECOND Alternative: Is to briefly introduce your self even though you are currently visiting the gallery with out an appointment. Be frazetta in your introduction and show the gallery complete respect by not distracting the staff from any potential clients and sales. Leave them your biography, enterprise card with hyperlink to your internet website and any postcard prints of your function. They can appear at your internet web-site at their comfort when the gallery is much less busy and if they are impressed with your operate and assume there is a industry for it they will be contacting you.


As an artist I under no circumstances enjoyed rejection from a gallery but performing the rejecting was equally unpleasant. Never be pushy and difficult sell your function. They know what sells and what they like so if they like you and your art they will tell you!