2020 Conforming Limits for Loans for Conforming Loans by County

We updated this page on November 30th to include the updated limit for conforming loans in 2022. Officials from the Federal Housing Authority have raised the limits for most U.S. counties in response to the rise in home prices. Check out the spreadsheet below for updated figures.

The website offers the conforming loan limits for 2022 by county and FHA limits. In 2022 the default loan limit for the majority of counties in the U.S. will be $647,200. This is an increase of almost $100,000 over the cap in 2021 of $548,250.

The most expensive real estate markets like New York City and San Francisco have a conforming 투기과열지구 대출한도 limit up to $970,800. Rural housing markets such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam also fall under this “high-cost” class.

Anything greater than these limits could be considered as a “jumbo” mortgage. The Excel spreadsheet and the PDF Excel spreadsheets above were downloaded from FHFA.gov. These files are provided as a service to our users. They can be downloaded to your personal computer in any format, and use them whenever you need to. Raise the conforming loan baseline limit for 2022in most counties across the nation.

They’re also expanding the limits on certain “higher-cost regions” which are above the baseline.

These changes were implemented in response to the dramatic increase in home prices that occurred in 2022. Despite the coronavirus epidemic that is still in full swing, homes in most U.S. cities rose steadily through 2021 and reached the highest levels ever recorded.

In most states across the United States, The maximum loan amount that conforms to the law in 2022 for a single-family residence can be set at $647.200 (an increase of $98,950 over the baseline limit 2021). It’s the highest year-to-year rise we’ve seen in a long time, as well as a reflection of the extraordinary high gains in home prices over the last year.

Where Federal housing regulators have pushed up the base price to keep up with the increasing house prices.

However, it’s just the standard limit for conforming loans used in all of the states. In high-cost real estate markets, such as San Francisco and New York City, the maximum amount for a single-family home loan could be up to $970,800. There’s a wide range between “floor” as well as “ceiling” amount.ss